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Modern business development and marketing services
Professionalism. Dynamisism. Discretion.
At Agent Z Services, we work for you. Which means YOU get the credit. Our model is to be your silent-partner - we don't flaunt the work we've done as our own, but we do enjoy watching your success. The downside for us... we can't share all of the amazing work we've done.
A small example of what we have achieved for clients: 
From Prototype to 7-figure acquisition in just 18 months!
We were hired by an inventor to work with his prototype. Together we crafted company strategization, including business and marketing plans. We tracked down scientific experts and got them involved to validate our claims. Next we designed logos and product packaging. Website creation, social media campaigns , press releases and TV interviews followed. The final result: a 7-figure acquisition. 
We have worked with construction companies, wholesale distributors, non-profits, professional service companies and more. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients, understand their business and their needs, and then does the work requested. It's all about an open dialogue and understanding - it helps us do our job better and helps you get the best possible service in return. We're not in the business of doing promotions for the sake of promotions. We want to help you achieve your business goals.
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